Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jewerly Has a Mood by Stone & Bone

If you're like me, it's my mood that dictates what I'll be wearing in the moment. Every mood represents a different woman in me. The many facets, are enhanced by the beauty of the moment. Every woman knows sexy sultry siren, wants jewelry that says, look, but don't touch, come close, but that's all, unless I tell you too. The Bohemian Babe wants, Bold bright colors, shapes and mystic, with just the right touch of Gypsy magic. The Boss Lady, wants chic, with a no nonsense attitude, but still making the statement, "I'm It, and don't YOU forget it!" and the Tribal Princess, wants to wear natural organic style with Earth mama with a tad of Goddess all mixed in. Every woman knows, jewelry is about mood, and mood is more about ADORNMENT, than just pretty shiny metal things with touches of color. So the next time you go to the store and want to pick up a few new pieces, choose items with your inner Goddess in mind, or the Boss Lady with little playful touches, who knows you might just find something out about other facets of who you really are, laying in wait to be noticed, by the one that matters the most. YOU!!! Have fun try something NEW, and may be even get out of your comfort zone and do the do. BY HANDMADE ~ SUPPORT ARTIST THAT CREATE FROM THE HEART, HANDMADE JUST FOR YOU. Stone & Bone http://www.stoneandbone.etsy.com

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