Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mandala Rings,

Mandala Rings ~ We all need a little something to ignite our world with living healing colors, #colortherapy, and our fingers especially our pointer fingers, our power fingers can either send energy or call energy to us, Using one of the power mandalas allows for positive healing intended energy to come and go with will. Each ring is adjustable, making if perfect for gifts, favorite colors, or rainbow serpent style, allows you to wear all your chakra colors. More on the way, this is the first of it's kind showcasing the central HEALING HEART CENTER, with touches of yellow to center one's emotions. the stone is a jade round, she's 2" wide, and makes a powerfully loving statement of healing green light energy. #alohaishealing #stoneandboneringsetsy #rings #naturespiritrings Plant people healing, green forest earthy energy, soul center. mastering emotions, universal abundance, calling money, zen, jade cooling, green fire, eternal flame of happiness.

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