Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Fashion Gets It's Trends.

Everywhere we look today, there's a revamping of fashion trends, from Southwestern, African and even Native American, not to mention Asian and even Steampunk. The runways are strolling with decked out models, layering tribal necklaces with urban edgy chic, mixing and matching multicultural styles to get that one of a kind international flavor. But what's so predictable, about human nature, is that we always return to our roots, or borrow from those that we feel a connection to. This type of styling, is nothing new. Nope. Tribal people, always collected, created and borrowed from nature to make what they wore, and when in contact with other world travelers, they adorned themselves with the little treasures found in these exchanges. The fashion world, only re-introduces what's already been done. It's our primitive nature. the only difference is how are YOU going to wear it? And how much you're going to pay for it? Here's showcasing a few original commissioned necklaces made for very special customers. The best way to wear your roots, is to mix and match what you got in your collection at home with new modern pieces. See what pairs up nicely, and just work it baby...AFTER ALL IT'S WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY THAT MATTERS. Make the fashion world follow you, don't follow it. Revamping Tips 1) If you got old broken jewelry at home, and want it preserved, have an artist or yourself, make it into something new. 2) Not all jewelry are salvageable, find the part that speaks to you and use that as your focal point, create your piece around that one element. 3) What's old is new again. Mix it up, style is created in the moment, and trust me what these big name designers do is borrow from what they see on the streets, they don't always come up with it themselves, all they have is the name. This is our Take Stone & Bone Hawaii

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  1. Nice article, PK, I trends tell us where society is going and our cultural fashion tells us where we've been. Acknowledging the past while heading into the your commissioned pieces!


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