Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hilo Hawaii's Children's Afterschool Mosaic Stepping Stone Project with Stone & Bone

Here's one of our many Hilo community children's after school program's art project.
We did these large mosaic stepping stones for the Boy's & Girls Club community garden about a few years ago. I'm sharing it now just to show how important it is for us to continue to encourage supporting our youth and the arts.
Each child had the opportunity to design their own personal stepping stone to place in the up and coming vegetable and herb garden.

As you can see the pride our youth takes in the creative process. Trust me when I say we we're covered in grout, glue and just the energy of happiness.


Programs like this very often don't last due to the governmental cuts that are now effecting so many needed communities. Please, if you have the opportunity to make a difference, like VOLUNTEERING...DONATING SUPPLIES, OR JUST WHATEVER IT TAKES. Please do your part. It really makes a difference in how they remember their childhood.

Pk & Aldo
Stone & Bone

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