Monday, August 29, 2011

Autumn Brings out The Best of Homemade by Stone and Bone

I remember when I was a little girl, my Portuguese Great Grandmother would come to visit every time at about September, and stay till after the new year. The things I loved the most about Vovo, was how she made her special Portuguese Sweet Bread. This collection is in honor of my great grandmother Mary, and to all those very special loved ones who've gave us the true meaning of HOME.

Vovo's sweet bread, was the most mouth watering, melt in the mouth bread ever. I remember the one time, that her dough rose 3 times as large as it ever did, and we made more bread than we ever had. Vovo, said, "That's ok, we going feed the souls with this bread." What she meant was that we would give all the family for the souls that had passed. Which is the way of lot's of cultures of the world at this Autumn time of the year.

Take the time to remember your wholesome moments...they're precious treasures.

I miss you vovo. xo Nani.

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