Saturday, August 27, 2011

Autumn Harvest Inspred by The Need to Feed The Hungry by Stone and Bone

Have you noticed lately, or this may be you, that the world has been a really hungry place. Mothers going without food to make sure their children eat. Fathers trying to make ends meat, but no job. Yep. I feel you, as I feel those I see on the street.

But you know what, there's many more that go unheard, unseen, unnoticed. I know you see it too. Our friends that don't have a job, their children that don't smile so bright any more. The elderly, that seem a little frailer, but won't ask for much. I hear them too. the unspoken prayers that ask just to have a little extra food. Here's the deal, there's so much out there, I know you're having a hard time too. I am, many of us are. But you know what, we're all in this together, you, me and all of them. So why not we just do what we can, even if it's just ONE CAN, ONE PIECE OF FRUIT, SOME VEGGIES, WHAT EVER IT MAY BE. TO THEM, IT'S A MEAL, ONE THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE HAD IN A WHILE. LET'S FEED OUR WORLD, AND IF WE DO OUR WORLD Will FEED US TOO.

This Etsy collection was inspired by beautiful pictures of abundance...let's make it real.

Peace, if you've been touched, feel free to pass it on.


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