Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old World Jewelry in a Modern World Bohemian Gypsy Hoops and Dangle Earrings

The free spirit Bohemian and gypsy style will never go out of fashion. Seen every year on the walk ways of fashion week and in Europe's more artistic trendy designers, they always manage to be one of the most favorite trends around. From chunky layers of ethnic stone beads necklaces, to embroidered peasant skirts and flowing blouses, paired with large dangle hoop earrings and stacks of copper, gold silver or stone bangles, and don't forget the knee high leather hobo boots and bags,  no matter what they are and how they're worn, they're always a show stopper. {Plus every designer some how manages to put their stamp on one of these classic tribal trends.}

Yes, that's right, Tribal Trends. Borrowed from the Old World Nomadic Tribal Peoples of Europe, India and Africa, these beautiful body ornaments were not merely worn for jewelry, but as talisman protection, from illness, evil, as in the evil eye, and against one's enemy. They symbolized spiritual beliefs, represented tribal locations, rank, and wealth. So much meaning went into each handcrafted design, created for men, women and children, all wore the magical jewelry with pride and honor. Besides being for personal family use, the crafts people of the day, created their wares for trade with other tribes as a means of a  barter system.
Today, the trends of large swanky beaded hoops, and beaded bodices have been revived with the now Belly Dancing Trend, brought back as a woman's Exercise program, that has spread like wild fire all over the US. As always, these beautiful Old World treasures will continue to captivate and lure the opposite sex and create the mystery and fantasy that every woman desires to be. The Woman of Magic and Mystery, The Gypsy.

The lovelies that you see above, can only be found at

Hilo, Hawaii

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