Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eclectic Wire Wrapped Handmade Jewelry ...From Stone & Bone

Wire wrapped jewelry has taken the DIY {Do It Your Self} world by storm. In the last few of years more wire wrapped jewelry has been seen all over the net, as well as in most fashion magazines from Lucky to Allure, even in More. We've seen a few big name fashion designers putting their stamp on a lot of the same type of eclectic jewelry, as I like to call them, and getting big bucks for what artist are doing in their own home studios for a fraction of the cost. Or some like to say, the Red Carpet Price.

Here's my own personal handmade wire wrapped collection of natural stone cocktail rings and dangle earrings. I love playing up the natural stone elements and the raw metal patina, embellishing them with pearls, shells and semiprecious stone chips. I know you've probably heard this phrase used so many times before, especially in the arts and crafts world, and it's become a cliche, but it's true in my case. None of the work you see in my shop will ever be reproduces. Why? Very simple. I love doing what I do, and I give every last drop of creative juice in what I'm creating in the moment. That being said, I don't like trying to recreate a piece. Once it's done. It's done. That's it. Each piece to me is a work of art. Sounds funny to some. But I feel each piece is for a person, and that person is one of a kind, and deserves to have something that they know no one else will ever have a piece made like that one. That's what you pay for when you purchase from Stone & Bone {All jewelry in this collage are sold. All rights reserved PKS 20109(c)}
If you 'd like to know more please click on my etsy badge for my collections.

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