Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Heritage of Aloha...Stone & Bone

Growing up on an island, in the middle of the Pacific, we realize that we're a very lucky diverse tribe of people. In that sense I mean, we all have a connection to family members who've come to these lovely islands known as Hawaii as immigrants to work on the sugar plantations. I for one can surely say that my ohana's heritage comes from many different directions from all over the world. {Portugal, Filipino Spain, England, North America, Hawaii etc.etc.etc.}

Due to the amazing merging of cultures that call Hawaii home, everything we do here is influenced by the many traditions, languages and art forms that have become know as the MELTING POT OF THE PACIFIC. Like our famous Pigeon language {Local style lingo of all types of words put together that is original to Hawaii}. The artisan handmade jewelry you see above has a Asian flavor mixed with our surfer girl style, mix and matching, and coming up with a style all our own. Easy going, yet very elegant, our style and fashion is original to who we are...A true mixture of Aloha. {All rights reserved PKS 2010(c)}

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