Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coral and Turquoise Jewlery A Touch of Tribal for the Modern Woman

Red coral and sky blue Native American turquoise has always been a favorite combination in tribal jewelry. Most of the Southwestern magazines, such as Cowboys & Indians, and Sundance, feature fashion for men and women, showcasing Southwestern and Native jewelry, apparel, and accessories. Although, the techniques used to create the jewelry are different, the use of turquoise, coral, copper, silver, brass and gold are the same.

As you see here, the classic coral and turquoise combination, hand wire wrapped with copper and accented with bone African beads,  collage round wood beads, and adding a mixture of ethnicity with a touch of Eastern filigree, the brass gave it a tribal flavor, with a more feminine appeal.{The samples that you see above, are just a few of my pieces that suggest stylish, affordable and easy wearing statement pieces, that can only be found on}

And lets not forget, adding wearablity for a more modern setting. Not to say that native apparel is not wearable or acceptable, but, do we want to look like some of those wild over the top and over done primitive fashion trends. NO, I didn't thing so. But rather, wearing a touch of culture in everyday life, as a means of being proud of who we are, or the cultures that we admire. I say, wear it in good taste, don't over do it. choose one or two pieces that compliment each other and you'll be in a class all your own. Plus, you'll be sporting tribal fashion in a whole new way. Your way.

Hilo, Hawaii

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