Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Taste of Hawaii's Best...Burgado's Fine Woods

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We've been sharing our creations with our local merchants right here in our sleepy little town of Hilo, These single strand pendents made from brown lip shell, abalone, coral, carved bone and other natural and modern materials are just a few that we provide for Burgado's Fine Woods. Kimmy, is one of our local buyers that prides her self in supply visitors as well as kamainas a like, the best artist made wears in Hawaii. 

Burgado's Fine Woods, is a local Wood Specialty Store that sells hand turned woods from all over Hawaii. Some of her bowls are made from very rare species of trees, that they range from $300 - $3000 for a Ava Bowl. She also has ancient Hawaiian Weapons, made locally, from a master crafts man, who provides her with Museum show pieces. 

Kimmy's doing a wonderful job with her new establishment, and trust me it's long over do. She's been doing this for everyone else. Now it's her turn and the showroom is looking pretty amazing.

If you're ever in Hawaii, especially the Big Island, stop in and say a Big Aloha to Kimmy, at Burgado's Fine Woods. She's right next to Cafe Pesto in the Y. Hata Building. 

Stone & Bone is a proud to be one of her fine artist. Mahalo Kimmy, for all the support. 

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