Monday, November 29, 2010

Tribal Classics

Fashion always tends to follow iconic classics, staying with color combinations that works really well together. Stone & Bone, loves taking fashion trends, and putting our spin on what's old is new again. Or rather giving it a modern, yet native flavor.

Here's just a few samples of what we feel symbolizes our signature style. Black, red and white, with just the right hint of silver hardware, makes this color combination very fashion forward, but with natural elements, such as shell, wooden  prayer beads, jade donuts, silver chunkies and glass, all custom wire wrapped for that personal artistic touch. A little bit of rusticness, and a little bit of bling, makes these bracelets and extra long Bohemian style necklace urban ready, and yet still Island wahine sexy.

We believe that tribal doesn't mean primitive. It means heritagely hand crafted by native artisans, doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is that pride and beauty reflected in every piece. It also represents the artistic nature of Native cultures, just taking it to a whole new level and creating sophisticated wearable artwork resemblant of Mother Nature herself.

Follow and Join us on our journey of creativity and learn more about native artist making a splash in todays modern world 

Each Bracelet is now available at
The necklace was a custom order and belongs to a very dear friend in Washington DC.

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