Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carved Elegance, Tribal Symbolism in Bone

Stone & Bone is proud to present one of our most favorite collection. Tribal Symbolism in Carved Bone, showcases our native inspired dangle earrings, hand pounded and wire wrapped in copper and accented with chains, giving each piece a rustic and metal age feeling, yet still keeping with our chic style. 

We also love the beautifully and powerful tribal and universal symbols that has survived over the ages, and into our today's art world, architecture , and technological lingo. We find it truly amazing to see how each mega symbol has lasted the test of time. Most have been handed down through generations and history, each meaning something different to each culture, and yet still have it's similarities, depending on how each is portrayed to it's demographic audience and tribal beliefs.

Even in today's techno world, these organic symbols still have it's own powerful meaning. Used in science to describe chemical compounds, or in the music scene as artistic power sources of inspiration, in  business marketing  as logos, and in medicine, the list goes on. And they will continue to go on, with whatever meaning our world at the time will allow it or need them to.

Whatever they may mean to you and our customers, is what each symbol inspires and conjures in the individual. What ever the source of power, it's what it stirs in you. So we suggest that when looking at each piece let your subconscious do the talking, and let the heart be drawn to whatever it is you truly desire. 

The Bones never lie. 


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