Friday, September 24, 2010

Proud To Be Native American...

My Native American Roots are showing...I'm Choctaw and Blackfoot on my mothers side, granddad and great grandma comes from  Oklahoma, other than that we're what we call in Hawaii Hapa, or mix blood, and proud to show it.

Here we're showcasing a mix plate of sky blue turquoise jewelry, with bone and shell accents custom hand wrapped with copper and silver wire. Our idea of keeping our Native jewelry simple, stems from the old age adage of "Less is More". Tribal jewelry doesn't have to be outrageous, as you often see today. In fact that's not really tribal jewelry at all. It's more like dress up.

Native jewelry, comes from tried and true master craftsman and women who've been doing their art form for generations. Their skill and expertise has been handed down through the channels of master themselves. That being said, our work is our interpretations of what we are inspired to create for today's men and women.

We've taken our Kupuna's  {Tribal world Elders} wisdom, skill, and teachings and have instilled them in our work. We do this by breathing, thinking and creating what Mother Nature, Mother Life, and all the Elements have shared with us and we share it with YOU, by the beautiful craftsmanship you see here.

Mahalo for stopping by,

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