Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tea POT Persona ...By Stone and Bone

Tea is a main staple to many cultures, and in Hawaii it's no different. Blessed with diversity for all the many immigrants that came to Hawaii to work in our plantations, one of the main influences they shared with each other was the blending of TEA. Many Chinese and Japanese people living in Hawaii will tell you that when their grandparents came over to work and start a new life in Hawaii, they brought tea with them many type of herbal blends of special family teas. Some were poorer than others, and those who were more well off had more sophisticated blends and utensils, but the common thread between all, was that their homeland lived in every cup they shared with their ohana and with their friends and neighbors.

What I remember about growing up in a plantation style ohana home, was that my tutu always made us tea and cream crackers with butter as a snack, or for breakfast. If we were lucky we would have hot coco instead, but never did a day go by that we didn't have that old time favorite. Even today talking to old frenz, we always reminisce about the tea and coco with soda cracker or cream crackers at gramma's house. As a kid growing up. we thought that was the greatest thing ever, but as we got older we began to understand that it was a means to a generation to survive in hard economic times. The joy of sharing tea has become part of our local cultural life style and fond memorizes of gramma's house, which is all that mattered any way.

So my Tea pot persona, is a tribute to all the many cultures that makes up our Hawaiian Ohana, here we are a melting pot of ALOHA where everyone can find their place and belong, and where sharing tea is part of who we are.

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