Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beautiful Hawaii Team Collection on Etsy By Stone and Bone

Aloha everyone. Glad you stopped by. It's a wonderful sunny day here in Hilo town, and I'm just enjoying browsing all the many great handmade gifts made right here in Hawaii,and available to the world via etsy. I just couldn't get over the amount of local artist that's now choosing to use etsy as a platform to get their work out to the world. When I think of a few years ago, how difficult it was just to create a way to get our work noticed, and bam!~!! etsy gives us what we always needed.

In the last couple of weeks, I've been truly fortune to have met some really nice local etsians, living right here on the Big Island of Hawaii, we're even planning to meet up this Tuesday the 7th, to brainstorm and set up our Hilo Etsy Team Facebook page, and to get the ball rolling for our next scheduled ETSY MEET UP. Cheryl, Tanya, Connie and myself, are looking forward to doing whatever we can to get Hilo on the ETSY map. I'll keep you all posted on how our meeting went.

To give you all a little tease of what's to come from Hawaii's Etsy Shops, take a look at my new Beautiful Hawaii Treasury. Fave it, re post it, and comment, we'd love to hear from you.



  1. PK, You are awesome! Your inner beauty and energy is contagious. I can't wait to be around you and work together to get Team Hilo Etsy off the ground.

    Thank you for the beautiful treasury and all of your tireless efforts to share the aloha with anyone and everyone!

  2. Aloha Cheryl, the feeling is mutual, you're a riot yourself, and your handmade beeswax sushi candles are the prettiest ever. I light the little gift you gave me, places it on a red plate and the shadow it created was just beautiful. A shadowed heart of Aloha. Your soul, energy and heart, radiates like the work that you create.

    Mahalo nui.


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