Saturday, January 1, 2011

Timeless Gypsy...Old World Elegance in the New World
Old World decadence and elegance will never go out of style. Actually, it's more in style than ever before. More and more women, as well as men are embracing the more eclectic and exotic styles of Eastern and European fashion from history's past,  giving the layers of gorgeous rarity a more modern acceptability for our everyday lives, making it much more marketable for todays consumer market. But most importantly, giving it wearablity and afordability. Yet, still keeping with the Nomadic Tribal Vibe that speaks to the wildness of one's soul. The Wonderer of sorts, the free spirit that never has to conform, and yet still be able to walk amongst the corporate sky scrappers and rub shoulders with what some will call the beige.

Gypsy fashion speaks of bold rich colors, layers of antique metals and beads from exotic far away places, and even hinting of scents that stir the mind and the soul. Today every where we look, some little bit of detail reminiscent of ancient tribal culture still exist to influence and inspire. Keeping the beauty and mystery alive.     Everyone has a little bit of gypsy magic in them, we can see it in all of the latest styles, from silks scarfs, peasant skirts, hobo purses, large hoop dangle earrings, chunky over the top cocktail rings, and the list just keep going on.

We'll continue to add how such a trend has branched off in many directions, such as Hippie Style, Shabby Chic, and Tribal. Follow to hear our take. Let us know what you think..

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