Sunday, January 9, 2011

Natural Elements in the Spotlight....Earth Tones take center stage

Just a tease of what's to come for Stone & Bone, All over the runways you'll see more earthy styled fashion, that crosses styles from really over the top chunky layers of coral, turquoise, pearls, and just about every bright colored hue out there this Spring into the Summer Season.
Paired with flowing light silks and soft cashmere all natural styled jewelry will be the go to style for 2011.

Although I love playing with bright colors, I've been drawn to the more forest inspired tones, from Spanish mosses to yellow okra,  touches of burnt umber, raw Seana, and rust to dark espressos, all wrapped with bright copper, layered and coiled with the richer more moody aged patina coppers.

Here's a couple of new pieces from my Hapu Collection {Hapu meaning Fern in Hawaiian} The coiled copper wire represents the way the young ferns unfurl as they reach the sunshine in our old growth rainforest's, reaching heights up of 10-25 feet. These wild giants are the inspiration that lends magic to my work. {The universal symbol of the coil also represent the Piko or naval to Native Hawaiian People, and the wiggly zig zag line is the Aka or umbilical cord that connects us to Akua, Great Spirit, The Universe.

There's so much more on it's way...Follow us for surprises.
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