Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All Wrapped up ...2011 New Copper Wire & Patina Collection By Stone & Bone

All Wrapped Up, is a my new copper wire collection using different types of wire and patinas, to give more dimension and tones to my already intricately designed jewelry. Above we have a Stone & Bone custom wire wrapped original granite and wire cuff bracelet, with a bluish green patina, that sets the tone for our new collection. You can look forward to seeing more free form styled cuff bracelets, gypsy styled chandelier earrings, and my favorite of all time chunky stone and wire wrapped cocktail rings. Like all things I do in my studio, I believe in enjoying the process of allowing things to evolve into the unexpected, whatever the outcome may be is part of what makes my work original. Very seldom do I plan or sketch my work out. And in most cases, it never turns out the way I plan any how. So giving in to the creative flow, gives me the freedom to express myself with out limitation. Working with wire and natural elements, isn't always easy, but intuitively listening and feeling the materials, teaches me on a daily basis that when I think I know something about the art form I choose to work in, it shows me more aspects of myself and how there will always be more to experience. AS in LIFE SO in ART. The wire teaches me that life don't always bend the way I may want, but with the right understanding and allowance, there is movement, and stone teaches me that there's more to one's dimension than what meets the eye. So you see, I'M A WORK IN PROGRESS... and I'd never trade it for the world.


  1. Can't get enough of this work. Rare to find such raw, yet refined presentation.

  2. Mahalo Alex for stopping in, and your words that are taken to heart.

  3. These bold Dance of The Gypsy Earrings SOLD to a wonderful Soul Sister. Mahalo Sweetheart for the love and the support.


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