Saturday, January 22, 2011

African Casuals...By Stone & Bone Tribal Boutique

Simple everyday elegance, but with an AFRICAN flavor. We love all things tribal, all things, but when it comes to AFRICA, she's in a class all on her own. Just thinking about her vast wildness, her mystery, her lure, drives every soul wondering, of places of ancient ritual, bold colors and just about every drum beat that can be conjured up, AFRICA IS MOTHER TO ALL. We as a people of Earth, can't help but feel the magical connection, that goes back to what she stands for. She is the SOURCE. Even in today's urban life style she rises up to inspire fashion of the finest sort, with new and up coming artist and designers flaunting their sophisticated tribal style, but with a modern sense. AFRICA IS IN OUR BLOOD, THAT'S  ALL TO IT. Here's my take, with a more everyday appeal. Look for more BOLD STATEMENT PIECES IN THE NEXT WEEKS. {Available now at }

Hilo, Hawaii


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