Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tribal Treasures Men's Ethinc Handmade Jewelry

Here at Stone and Bone, we love the ethnic tribal flavor with a touch of urban chic wearable sense. What that means is, taking native style and giving it a modern wearable chicness. Yes, wearable chicness, just because it's ethnic, doesn't always mean it can be easily worn in a more coporate urban American world, as well as internationally abroad. What I've set out to do is create bold eclectic pieces a lot more streamline, giving it sophistication, elegance and wearability, as well as still keeping the ethnic wildness. {Or shall I say using the Fashion worlds lingo, PRIMITIVE.} with out compromising style.

Here's just a tease, of a few of my men's Warrior Necklace Collection pendents. Like I said just a tease, I've got lots more where these handsome statements came from. You'll be seeing lots more weaponry styled pendents, animal totem pendents and a few more Peaceful Warrior Pendents. {Follow me so you'll know when they'll be available for sale in my Etsy.} Ladies, don't worry, I didn't forget you all, I'll be showcasing a Warrior Women's Collection to debut in the Spring, you'll just have to stay tuned to get a peek.

My prices are always affordable, fair and worth every penny, each pendent necklace ranges from $50.00 -$190.00, all real carved stone, pearls, shells, glass, leather, chain, and wire. I believe in keeping it real and always handmade.

Mahalo for taking a peek,
Hilo, Hawaii
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