Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Lava Wire Wrapped Jewelry Collection Stone & Bone 2010 2nd Edition

My Black Lava hand wire wrapped jewelry collection has taken off like wildfire. Kimberlee Cariaga, the new owner of Burgado's Fine Woods in Down Town Hilo, {If you've been to Burgado's, than you know Kim, she's the very outspoken yet very informative beauty that ran the place for Vilma Burgado, for the longest time. Now that Vilma and her husband decided to finally retire, Kim decided to jump right in and save the store from being shut down. Which would mean we'd all loose an Island Heritage Treasure.}has been bitten by the Lava Bug.

Yea that's right, she's been so taken by the feel, the rustic yet sophisticatedness by this cool blue black stone, that she just can't help but stock her store with all things Black Lava. Kim told me yesterday that, "Every time I wear this ring and go grocery shopping, someone has to stop me and ask what's that on your finger." She says, "I just laugh to myself and tell them that I sell this Black Lava Cocktail ring and jewelry at my store, and that a local artist hand makes them. The next question they ask is where is the lava from...and than I say, it's safe, it's from Peru."

We get a kick thinking about the old legends and what people really hear out there in the world about Tutu Pele and taking home lava. We know our stories too. and NO, this is not from Hawaii, you're all safe to take some home. So please just buy and don't worry.

For more information about my Black Lava Collection, contact me here click link

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