Thursday, December 23, 2010

The New Metal Age, Jewelry for those with Discriminating Taste

The Metal Ages for us has just been revived.  From Steampunk to, Metal Clay, to Wire Wrapped jewelry, the last few years have exploded with all types of new styles, materials, and dimensions of what metal can do. Artist today have pushed the envelope and challenged themselves to continue to dig deep and bend the boundaries of their skill, as well as the tools and materials that they use on a daily basis. Every where you turn today, from craft and bead magazines like Bead and Button, to Stinging, and even Threads, as well as all the Somerset Publications, {love each one}, Metal, wire and clay have taken center stage.

The allure to the shinny metal stuff, is addicting to say the least, and the craftsman as well as the public can't seem to get enough. What's amazing to me though, the similarities  of this new trend, is not new at all. Ancient metalsmiths and craftsmen have been addicted to the shinny metal as well. Their patterns and symbols play them selves out on our modern day stage, but very replicative of empires and ages past. What amazes me, and every other artist out there, is the magnitude of their mastership. Even in today's day and age, we have yet to come close to their phenomenal quality and mastership.

My love affair with wire and metal, has pushed my boundaries as well, here's a few select pieces that I'd like to share with you.  If you'd like to see more or contact me, feel free. All rights reserved PKS 2010(c)


  1. Hello Pretty Lady, your talent makes this new age beautiful. I wish you continued success to Stone & Bone.

  2. Aw Mimi, mahalo for stopping in. It's artist like you who've inspire my work. There's times when we can almost feel the burnout, but seeing others did deep, create with such passion and keep going, makes me feel happy to to what I do and have kindred souls to share it with. Mahalo for all the love and support. Blessings and great success to you as well. xoxoxo PK

  3. Im finding your energy imprint or intention when creating these beauties is getting stronger,really and your pieces are getting more beautiful,,what more could someone want ,breathtaking jewlery and magick all in one..I bought hugh earring tree today just so I could honor their beauty,,far to special ro keep in a box,,Really I say every piece is my favorite,,its hard to pick I love them all,, your energy is off the charts,I so love you!


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