Monday, December 6, 2010

The Magic of Wrapped Jewelry... Cuff Bracelets Cocktail Rings and Necklaces

Here's just a sample of what's to come. Simple and delicate, feminine and stylish, from Bohemian babe to Gypsy Lady, every one's going to want one. {This one's already taken and in the collection of one of my very dear sisters. Sorry.}  Every cuff has it's own personality, just like the women and men who wear them. They kind of grow on you and when the natural energy merges it creates a very powerful healing bond, it's what natural elements tend to do. It's all part of the elemental make up and the types of stones used in each piece, giving off a kind of magnetic appeal to the admire, and then they just gotta have it. {I'd like to believe that when I create each bend, swirl, twist and wrap, I'm allowing my self to flow with the source of all creativity and all it's natural properties. Some will call it being in the ZONE, others call it serendipity, I call it magic.} This beauty was a collaboration between my Soul Sister and I, she had these vintage pearls, and gave them to me to use, and well here they are wrapped up tight in a new wearable purposeful art piece. That now she wears.

This is just one of my more simpler styles, they'll range from $50.00-$100.00 and my more heavier more ornate cuffs will range from $100.00-$300.00. I'm choosing to have a wide range to choose from in price as well as in style, so everyone who loves cuff bracelets will find their perfect match.

Commission Pieces: If you have stones or vintage pieces that you would like worked into a cuff and is interested in having one specially made, contact me for details via my

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