Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black Lava Collection Earrings & Cocktail Ring Stone & Bone 2010

Yesterday I  introduced you to our new Black Lava Jewelry Collection, heres introducing you to our earring and cocktail rings. As you can see they still keep with my island style, but hard wired.{ I like that, it has a nice ring don't you think. Hum, just me getting carried away with myself.} Actually I'm really proud of this new endeavor,  especially since they're almost all sold, and there's only  just a few earring remaining for sale exclusively at Burgado's Fine Woods. {Kimmy, don't worry, I got more on the way.}{Burgado's Fine Woods, 308 Kamehameha Ave., Hilo, Hawaii 96720 ,808- 969-9663}

Just a little information for those of you who've heard about not taking Lava from the Big Island of  Hawaii, No worries, these are not from our Volcanoes, NOPE. All my lava comes from Peru, So I'm more than sure Tutu Pele won't mind at all.

These beauties are partnered  with chunks of red glass and red branch coral, they're a real eye catching combination, that's speaks of fire, and the heat of passion. So be daring and wear the rock of fire, they say theres is a  magic that can ignite one's inner passion and show you the secrets of one's soul.

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