Friday, May 11, 2012

Every Little Bead Is Like A Prayer

Everyone has their way of meditating, praying, or just communicating with the God of their heart. For me, it's more like a silent litany of strung beads, that are threaded, and beaded into a wearable adornment for a friend, a customer, or just because. I'm always asked, "How long does it take you?, How do you get your ideas? How do you have the time to just sit and keep going at it?" And every time I answer,"For me it's like a silent prayer." Every single little bead, is like a rosary or Mala bead, that gets a simple thought for a loved one, a silent blessing to a far a way friend, or just a thought of positive joy.
I've had my moments of frustration and worry, that too has been part of my collection of beaded work, those I've kept for me. And those have been some of my best work to date. The tedious attention, has many times been my life saving grace, when moments in life has gotten me to the bottom, where what else is there to do accept, accept, and keep, keeping on. Each little bead is like a prayer tie, sent out into the great blue yonder, to where my ancestors sit and wait, keeping my prayers alive, and sending me blessing of courage, warmth, and most of all wisdom. Yes wisdom. The quite moments I've spent pricking my fingers, undoing knots, and redoing a design, gave me the insight to realize, so is my life. Just breath, don't fight it, and guess what that knot will come undone, and life will go on. So these are my little prayers, every little bead, rainbows of colors, created to be worn, as little badges, of continues love, always sharing joy, and most of all made with caring hands for the ones I love. Aloha Stone & Bone


  1. <3 Mahalo Cassandra for the Hello, have a wonderful Aloha Friday. <3 PK

  2. Love all of your gorgeous designs!

  3. Bead Meditations ;) Loved your post, and your exquisite work! :)


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