Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colors of Warmth Etsy Handmade Treausry

Longing for the days of bright blue skies, splashes of bold oranges and crimson, mixed in with Cobalt, and warm summer breezes. Inspired this gypsy magic collection. Rich, bold, and earthy, simply a woman of bohemian gypsy style, I tend to resonate to wild lively raving colors. That sets one's soul on fire. The call of the wild dance excites the senses, stirs the passion, and moves the soul to come alive. This collection is from a few of my most favorite shops on Etsy.com. Go visit, browse, and buy, buy, buy.... Always remember, you'll never find anything more energized than when you buy HANDMADE! Handmade, means LOVE MADE... That's what you'll find from these magical artist. Peace Pk

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