Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obessive Addictive Behavior on Etsy

Yep, I'm addicted to making beaded hoop earrings. These lovely hoops are just the latest of my new found obsession. I can't see why, accept that they take no time at all, and besides, everything else I do has a tendency to be structured and complicated, to the point that I sometimes burn myself out.
Making hoops are like not thinking, but just allowing the flow to just happen. Colors, textures and form just goes together, without even trying to figure out what should be next.
I guess for me, it's my go to fix to allow my creativity to just be free. In Pk's world sometimes that's not possible, to many projects, to much structure, and just to many deadlines. But this little infatuation is what keeps me sane...LOL...I know, I know.... I just can't seem to stop myself...

But...there are worst addictions....I guess I'll keep mine.
From a compulsive addicted Beadaholic.  That's Me PK.


  1. Aloha & Mahalo Allison for stopping by,,,and for the sweet words.



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