Monday, November 28, 2011

Rings of Distinction

Love Love Love RINGS, can't ever get enough. When I was a little girl, I alway admired my mom's vintage Aztec Black Onyx Sun God Ring. It was one of those pieces that caught your eye, and wouldn't let you go. I alway wanted her ring, but well, mom wouldn't budge when it came to her favorite pieces. My second all time favorite was her Mothers Birthstone ring, layered with semi precious stones and Old World filigree inlay with silver and gold.
So here I am years later, still drooling over those rare finds, I'm sure long gone by now. Since everything my mom had went into storage, and well, you know how that goes. So now I create my own favorite ONE OF A KIND STONE & BONE ORIGINALS. Made from rare irregular stones, shells, and whatever that tickles my fancy... Come enjoy my handmade original rare diamonds in the rough wire wrapped rings. Use Code: FIRSTWEEKOFCHRISTMAS and take 15% off anyone of these beauties. Mele Kalikimaka PK

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