Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Phases of Me, in Metal

Anyone who knows me would wonder, "What's the woman going to do next?" I often wonder the same exact thing, but that too passes, and I'm off to the next creative adventure. In most cases, it never takes me long to jump into my next phase of creations, Like my gal pal Patricia, had just commented on my latest facebook post, "The many faces of PK." She had no idea how on the money she was when she said that. Let me just warn you, by saying, I'm a Gemini, and that's the main poster child for what most astrolgers would tag as the ADHD child of the Zodiac. LOL...the positve flip side to that is I'm really super creative, great at multitasking and a very quick study. {But to everyone else that would mean trying to keep up, over energized and just high maintance. } {not to mention scattered, flakey or all over the place.} LOL...I alway remind my gal pals, that they chose me as their friend. that being said, they know who to call when they need art stuff to get done. {The cure & the curse} but that's a whole other story. What you see is my latest ephiney moment, while sitting at my bench staring into a box of tarnished scraps of wire.
I've been on a crative binge of making LOVE KNOT & SPIRAL copper wire wrapped rings for my NEW PIKO COLLECTION, as well as matching earrings and heavy metal cuff bracelets, which by the way I'm proud to say has been turning out to be one of my best sellers on Etsy.com. I was just taking a little break to let the oxidation process do it's job, and having one of those out of space Gemini moments, I found some strips of tarnishded aluminum wire.
Feeling kind of out of my element, never used aluminum before, not knowing what the effects would be, I figure like everything else that comes my way, my MUSE would take the drivers seat and make a go of it. And to my amazement, she came through, {LOL she's saying, " LIKE YEA!}, any who, here's the out come of my very first incounter with RE~CYCLED ALUMINUM WIRE. Yep, it's a ring, and since it was still in my comfort zone, it gave me the confidance I needed to take that unknown leap into metal mania. As you can see I didn't stop there, I made a matching pair of African Tribal dangle earrings, with a more distressed look, and added vintage pearls that my gypsy gal pal Desiree gave me and tribal beads to set them off. Here's the result. I'd love to hear what you think, and let me know your little art adventure, may be we can compare notes. LOL...always open to advice. Creatively Addicted PK

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  1. Love this post! You are a riot, PK, love, love your energy and your creativity! So excited about our upcoming adventure..meeting of the hearts on paper! Hugs always, Connie


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