Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change is Good

Change is good, I hear that being said all the time. And some times, it seems so over used. BUT, in most cases, it is very necessary to survive and most of all to succeed. It's been also said that, "Life imitates art, or art imitates life." In my opinion, it really depends on your perception. For the last 20 years necessity has been the force that's driven my work, not the joy to create. We can all agree, in our early stages of our lives, where adventures in starting a family, raising our children, and just the little unexpected adventures that caused the detours that has taken us off the beaten path, in not always the good ways cultivated those changes, chiseled and molded us into the who we are today. That being the present of the MOMENT, I've learned that change is the only guarantee in life. With out those twists and turns, I would never have met the people that's become my closes frenz. I would never know what I was capable of doing, but most of all, I would never realize that I'm more than all I thought I ever was. So here I go again, that wise mentor called change, has guided me towards a new road, to a new adventure, and most of all to a new ME. Blessings PK

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