Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tribal Trends with Urban Fashion Sense by Stone and Bone Tribal Boutique

Walk on the wilder side of fashion, with out the over the top get ups that you see on the runway. Ethnic fashion doesn't and most time are not gaudy, extreme layers objects that dangle, clang,flutter in the wind, and can't be comfortable in get ups. NOPE!!!

Ethnic fashion, is not a trend, to most of us NATIVE PEOPLES, we live our heritage, walking it, and breathing it everyday. It's who we are, it's not what we're trying to be. We wear our handmade creations in a modern style, fashioned the same way that our ancestors have created them, but in a refined sophisticated kind of way, that enables us to wear our heritage for who we are, not as a show piece to make a statement.

Our REGALIA on the other hand is worn during celebrations, ceremonies and in other tribal events, which they are a part of. We are proud of our native crafts people, their work is phenomenal, and have a place in our history, their work is respected, honored and appreciated for it's mastery and excellence.

Our People's heritage, have influenced today's fashion icons, creating a flurry of feathered haired maidens, running around New York and other cities sporting imitations of long past tribal clothing.

In modern fashion, the Runway is more of a stage, borrowing from Ethnic Tribal Cultural life, that in many cases are not as accurate as expressed. Besides, most of the items created and sported are not even close to what women of our past and present would ever use, or were allowed to use due to certain cultural taboos.

The jewelry you see, are modern aspects of inspired ancestral themes, symbols, and materials, created for the modern woman to wear in her everyday life. Easy wearing, easy on the eyes, and very affordable. Besides, today's modern tribal woman is the everyday mom, sister, doctor, teacher, and businesswoman, she proud of who she is, from the inside out, not the statement she has to make. SHE'S IT!!!SHE'S REAL!!!SHE'S YOU!!!



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  1. Very informative post. Your work is so gorgeous, PK!


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