Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lanquage of Color...Red Black White Etsy Treasury collection By Stone & Bone

The romance continues, blood red, jet black, and ivory shades of white, the never ending TANGO of iconic color trends continues.

This threesome of power colors, have a cultural history as well. In native cultures, these colors were reserved for only the highest in rank of the tribe, like the king queen, chief or chiefest. Each culture or tribe had significant symbolic meaning for each color, such as RED ~ blood, life, immortality, Black ~ death, life, unknown, womb, earth, creativity White ~ light, purity, enlightenment. AS well as the the representing the compass directional points. They are also known as healing colors by the shamans and medicine people, used to help in ailments of the people.

We take our colors for granted, but ask yourself, why are you drawn to certain colors? Why do you feel the connection to certain hues, what's your mood in when you wear these colors? Chances are you never think of these things. But in tribal cultures of old as well as today, colors are still very significant in their everyday life.

In modern culture we call it COLOR THERAPY. The use of color to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Next time you go shopping, remember this little snip it of a post, and see what draws you, take note of the colors that's in your closet, and may be you'll get an insight to your world.


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