Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pearls are like Women, We're All Original...Rings By Stone & Bone

Pearls are like women, each with it's own shape, size and color, each with her own passion, desire and sexy. When choosing jewelry, we allow our eyes to be the leader in the hunt. But rather when it comes to pearls, the HEART, is the huntress. Like the lion, she knows by intuition and instinct which one is for her, which one she has her soul locked on to. She just knows. Pearls speak to the heart, created by mother ocean, blessed with each wave, that rocks her to sleep, each grain of sand that created her luster. You are a Pearl, allow your glow to shine, entice and radiate your Love. YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL.


1 comment:

  1. PK, Besides being an awesome artist, I didn't know that you are also a beautiful poet. I loved how described pearls being created by mother ocean and ending with inspiring every woman that reads this. Yes, I want to glow and radiate more love!


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