Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pow Wow Season...Hilo Hawaii's Annual Intertribal Native American Pow wow...

Hilo is hosting our annual Native American Inter tribal Pow Wow, at the Wailoa State Park. Next to river side, with the exchange of honoring both our Native American and our Native Hawaiian lineage. A wide array of craft vendors, great food, and most of all the call of the drums to come dance. We come together to honor who we are, as tribal people, and honor our past, give blessing for our future and living Aloha in the moment. Dates are May 28,29,30 if you're in Hilo, you can't miss it, you'll see the Tepees before you hear the drums. Come share with you Ohana.

Here's one of our new pieces in honor of Pow wow, available now on our etsy site.



  1. The Pow Wow sounds wonderful ~ wish I could be there! And those earrings are fantastic. :)


  2. Aloha Rosie...come on over...I'll post pics.


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