Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair Expressions, Glass and Copper Wire Wrapped Hair Accessories

I love creating new items for my already expanding collections, and decided to add hair sticks and forks to our HAIR ACCESSORIES selection. Here in Hawaii, us wahines love bold bright color, splashes of bright purples, lavish reds and oranges, ocean blues and aquas, and even the translucent magic of whites, is the perfect pairing to organically hand wire wrapped copper wire, which has been hand patina for a more rustic antiqued allure. Each Hair stick and fork has it's own uniqueness, being that it was not intended to resemble anything in particular, but rather be a mini artistic sculpture to be worn as a compliment to your already amazing inner beauty.

My hair sticks are available at BURGADO'S FINE WOODS, in Hilo, Hawaii, and soon to be available on my STONE & BONE etsy shop. Prices range from $15.95 for a single and $23.00 for doubles, I will also be taking custom orders for colors only. If you're interested drop me a line here or contact me via my etsy shop.

Hilo, Hawaii

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