Saturday, March 19, 2011

Color of the Month...Aqua

For the MONTH OF MARCH, we are showcasing the color of AQUA AND AQUAMARINE. We're offering any one who wishes to purchase any item in our shop with the color of aqua or in that color family, such as {green, blue, turquoise} we will give you a 10% DISCOUNT TOWARDS YOUR PURCHASE. USE THIS CODE TO GET DISCOUNT AQUAFORMARCH

Back in the day, purchasing and wearing birthstones we're some what of a fashion statement, right up there with wearing monogram lettering, and charm necklaces. Although, it seemed to just be a trend of the times, it had it's purpose for those who believed in the healing properties of stones and precious metals. Gentlemen and ladies wore custom as well as fine jewelry showcasing their birth stones. From locket necklaces, wrist watches, broaches, and the old time favorite was cuff links, to decadent earrings, armbands, and even armor, were all laden with birth stones, healing stones and pearls.

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