Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turquoise Pearls and a Touch of Copper Wire Handmade Jewelry Collection

At Stone & Bone ethnic heritage boutique, we're well know for our love of all things raw, natural and most of all heavy metal. Located above, are just a few of our commissioned turquoise and copper wire wrapped dangle earrings and our Purple Pleasure copper cocktail ring with crystals. Our customers who ordered these lovelies, hand one thing in common, they wanted something a little UNCOMMON. 

We love creating pieces with a persons individuality in mind. Not to say it's simple. Far from it. But, by getting to know our customers, {Which we pride our selves in doing.} we can really find out what they're really all about. By putting ourselves out there, we get to experience a kind of old way of doing business, more like the old mom and pop stores. Where service as well as quality was the foundation that matter the most. Even in our modern cyber world, we believe this is even more important. When competition is tough, the only way to be successful is by doing what we do best, and that means serving you.


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