Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Native Traditions in A Fashion Trendy World

Bright Happy Colors are what makes native inspired fashion have it's festive wild flavors. Any where you go in our world, you'll see an array of bold colors where splashes of golds, silvers and coppers, mixed with cool pastels and earth tones dominate the cultural landscape.

Shown here, is just a sample of modern eclectic jewelry, taking it's cue from America's Native Roots. A combination of Mexican Folk Art to Native American Turquoise, it lends to the ever growing fashion trends of today's modern woman, but still giving her the natural earthy feel with a little bohemian babe flirty style.

Most women today that resonate to Western or South American trends, love the wildness that is the raw beauty of Americas Native People. Every piece of jewelry purchased from a native artist, perpetuates their culture and their heritage. By doing so, it allows the buyer an appreciation for a living breathing cultural life style, versus a mass produced knock off. And it allows the artist to support themselves by means of traditional fine arts and craftsmanship.

So when ever you have a chance, support your local artist, and don't just buy, get to know who they are, and why they do what they do. You'll both walk away inspired.



  1. Dear sister,You know I always tell my friends why I buy handmade things,Very simply its because they have energy and magick which store bought items dont,,The intention that goes into creating each piece serves as a blessing to the wearer For example last night my daughter borrowed the copper earrings and the small copper bracelet you made me ,She wore these to her job waitressing,Low and behold ,she got a really nice compliment on the earrings and I know they brought her good luck,She eneded up making over 200.00 in tips on a Wed, night.. Now yes she is a beautiful young women,,but I think it sure helped wearing the magickal jewlery LOVINGLY made by PK...Now all I have to do is get them back from her ,,HA HA,,I LOVE YOU PK...and Im eternally greatful for you sharing you Aloha with us !!!

  2. Love you to Dearest sister. So glad she made some handsome tips especially this time of the year. I love creating with magic, especially for those who understand the true meaning of adornment. And you wear my work well, so it's always a pleasure. Mahalo so much for stopping by and following. You are truly my soul sister. xoxoxo me


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