Monday, November 29, 2010

This season take the time to look for and support local craftsman and master artist in your area, if you don't know any, visit your community art center and get to know them. Check out Artist studio tours, group artist gallery showings, and craft fairs that support buy local and handmade.

Yes, your probibly thinking when you browse that some of the items seem really espensive, but keep in mind, that these artist hand make each of their wears, and put all their love and attention into what you're purchasing from them. So don't be scared, ask the right questions, get to know the artist, they want to get to know you too. And who knows you might walk away with more than what you came for.

A new found friend that inspired and touched your soul. That is the reason for the season, spreading joy.

Don't forget, you can also get really great deals buying directly from the artist themselves, so if you get the chance visit their studios, that's where you'll find the best deals around.

Mahalo for all your support,

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