Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Are We...?

Not just Me, but all of us. We are real flesh and blood spiritual beings, living a a material world, "Like Sting, from the Police would say."  We are all that surrounds us, EARTH, AIR, FIRE WATER, elemental from our very core. That's what makes us so divine, not to mention, that's what our ancestors believed.

That being said, we honor our ancestors, our lineage, our origin, when we create with our hearts and our hands. We honor all living creatures, who are part of who we are, when we use what they've given us to use, and not waste any part of their gifts. Native peoples, all Native peoples, {THAT MEANS YOU TOO}, know that to respect all of life, it's gifts, and even it's challenges, is respecting and honoring who we are.

WE at STONE & BONE, TRIBAL CHIC BOUTIQUE, honors the privilege of making with our hands, sharing it with the world, and honring our past, in this moment, in this we honor who you are as well...
OUR OHANA {family} 

"To live in this moment, knowing you have your roots in the past, secure in the future, there is no worry, just aloha."  Puakea


  1. Hi Sis! I am here checking it out! I love you plenty much and completely support you. Call me, we should get together sometime next week. my # hasn't changed. love-KA

  2. Ah, so sweet to hear one's hearts voice. Yes my sis, I will call...xoxoxo u 2 PK


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